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Charles Puskas has over twenty years experience in the publishing industry as an academic editor, trade sales representative, senior reference editor, and field sales manager with three major religious publishing companies: Augsburg Fortress, Abingdon, Eerdmans Publishing Company. Puskas earned his PhD in Biblical Languages and Literature from Saint Louis University, and has spent twelve years teaching biblical studies and theology at four private colleges and two public universities. He is the author of The General Letters, Hebrews and Revelation, The Letters of Paul: An Introduction (1993, 2013), An Introduction to the New Testament (with Michael Robbins; Cascade, 2011), and The Conclusion of Luke-Acts: The Significance of Acts 28:16-31 (Pickwick, 2009).

**Interview originally appeared in Channels Newsletter of Living Waters Lutheran Church, February 2017 edition.**
Senior Pastor Betsy Hoium, J.D., M.Div.: What is this Book About?
Charles Puskas: It's an overview of the last nine books of the Christian Bible. These writings capture our attention and ignite our imagination, with urgent warnings, strange prophesies, dire visions of cosmic catastrophe, but also words of faith, comfort, assurance, and hope!
BH: How Did You Happen to Write This Book?
CP: I actually started work on it back in the 1980s for an introduction to the New Testament (all 27 NT books). But many of these chapters were omitted because it made the introduction too long. The problem of length is characteristic of most NT introductions. So much attention is focused on the Gospels and Letters of Paul (important books), that insufficient space and consideration are given to Hebrews, the General Letters and Revelation.
BH: What are the General Letters?
CP: The title given to seven books of this collection 'General Letters' or 'Catholic Epistles,' is a reminder of its broad appeal to the whole church-- despite slow canonical recognition and authoriship questions for some.
BH: What Goes Into a Book Like This?
CP: Lots of time and energy! I read through final copy at least a dozen times with my patient copy editor, and worked many hours on a glossary of terms for lay readers with a general index of subjects, names and biblical references.
BH: Where is the Book Available?
CP: Hebrews, the General Letters, and Revelation was published by Cascade Books in 2016. It's available on or at
BH: What Else is Keeping You Busy These Days?
CP: On February 1 I'm presenting to the confirmation students and others who are interested about the life of Martin Luther and places I've had a chance to visit in Germany. The kids recently went to the exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. Anyone from the congregation is welcome to join us at 7:30 that evening.
This semester I'm also teaching a class at the University of Minnesota called Jesus in History. It is in the Classical and Near Eastern Studies Department.
**Interview originally appeared in Channels Newsletter of Living Waters Lutheran Church, February 2017 edition.**


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