Georges De Schrijver, S. J.


It was Father Georges LeMaitre, the Belgian priest, astronomer, and professor of Physics at the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Catholic University of Louvain) who first proposed the theory of the expansion of the universe, the hypothesis of the "primeval atom" or the "cosmic egg," which later came to be known as the "Big Bang Theory." Father Georges De Schrijver, SJ, professor emeritus of Fundamental Theology at the same university, has carried on a commitment to the study of the important relationship between science and faith and developed this commitment through a fascinating course, Creation Stories Ancient and New, which has benefited generations of students around the world from its inception in 1992 until the present day. This book is the fruit of that research, writing, and teaching. Beloved by generations of students who affectionately referred to him simply as "Father George," he continued his research and writing after his retirement and in recent years has lectured in Nigeria, India, China, and the Philippines, as well as the United States. Father George was teaching in the Philippines and was surrounded by his beloved Filipino colleagues, friends, and students when he died on Friday, October 7, 2016, as this book was being prepared to go to press.

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