Carl D. DuBois


Carl D. DuBois is a native of California, U.S.A. He and his wife are
employed by a non-government charitable organization (Wycliffe Bible
Translators, Inc.), and since 1962 they have lived and worked in two
different indigenous cultural communities in southern Mindanao in the
Philippines. They are the parents of two sons and have two grandchildren.

Carl is a specialist in descriptive linguistics, and his monograph,
"Sarangani Manobo: An Introductory Guide," was published by the Philippine
Journal of Linguistics (Linguistic Society of the Philippines) in its
Special Monograph Issues in 1976. He has also been the principal translator
of the entire New Testament and part of the Old Testament Scriptures into
the Sarangani Manobo and Tagabawa languages. His interest in music has been
expressed especially in the production and publication
of hymnals in both languages.

When not writing or weaving, Carl enjoys playing piano or organ,
woodworking, exercising, reading, and using his laptop computer.

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