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The Book of Acts in its First Century Setting, Volume 2

Graeco-Roman Setting

Edited by David W. Gill and Conrad Gempf

Imprint: Wipf and Stock

640 Pages, 6.13 x 9.00 x 31.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781579105266
  • Published: November 2000

$50.00 / £37.00


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The results of our rapidly expanded historical and archaeological knowledge have here been brought to bear on the Book of Acts to stunning effect. Outstanding as Jackson and Lake was in its day, this volume on the Graeco-Roman setting of Acts holds out the promise of equaling if not surpassing that great achievement." Paul Barnett, Bishop of North Sydney, Australia This well-written volume offers a remarkable, up-to-date collection of relevant new data to assist in scenario formation for a considerate reading of the Book of Acts . The largely Australian and British team of authors must be congratulated for preparing this very useful data set. There are authoritative descriptions of travel, of food supply, of domestic and political religion, of urban elites, and of the Eastern Mediterranean provinces and their leadership. Such information about the realm of the Graeco-Roman world will enable the interpreter of Acts to bring these data to bear in the process of interpretation.... Of great use to ancient historians, classicists, and biblical scholars, yet written and presented in such a way that it will be fascinating to intelligent nonprofessionals as well." Bruce J. Malina, Creighton University

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