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The Children's Plutarch

Tales of the Romans

by F.J. Gould

Imprint: Resource Publications

194 Pages, 4.88 x 7.00 x 0.39 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781592440818
  • Published: October 2002

$27.00 / £21.00 / AU$37.00


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From the Foreword: When Harry S. Truman was a child, he saved his dimes and bought a set of Plutarch's Lives. Years later, during an interview he commented, My father used to read me out loud from that. And I've read Plutarch through many times since. I never figured out how he knew so much. They just don't come any better than old Plutarch. He knew more about politics than all the other writers I've read put together. When I was in politics, there would be times when I tried to figure somebody out, and I could always turn to Plutarch, and nine times out of ten I'd be able to find a parallel in there." This volume of Plutarch for Children is being reprinted in hopes that parents and children can regain the same sort of appreciation for the classics. Special thanks are due to the Consortium for Classical Lutheran Education for making the initial reprints possible--and to Wipf and Stock for their expertise. Rev. Joel A. Brondos, Headmaster, Zion Lutheran Academy, Fort Wayne, IN November 2002

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