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Natural Theology

Comprising “Nature and Grace” by Professor Dr. Emil Brunner and the reply “No!” by Dr. Karl Barth

by Emil Brunner and Karl Barth

Translated by Peter Fraenkel

Imprint: Wipf and Stock

128 Pages, 5.63 x 8.25 x 6.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781592441129
  • Published: December 2002

$19.00 / £14.00 / AU$28.00


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This reissue of Emil Brunner's 'Nature and Grace' with Karl Barth's response 'No!' places back into the hands of theological students one of the most important, and well publicized, theological arguments of the 20th century. Here we see the climax of Barth and Brunner's disagreement over the point of contact for the gospel in the consciousness of natural man. Also at stake is the nature of the theological task. Brunner claims that the task of that generation was to find a way back to a legitimate natural theology. Barth responds strongly, arguing that there is no way to knowledge of God by way of human reason. Barth's radical Christocentric redevelopment of Reformation theology left no room for any source of authority aside from the Word of God.

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