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A Christian Guide to Sexual Counseling

Recovering the Mystery of Reality of “One Flesh”

by Mary Ann Mayo

Imprint: Wipf and Stock

262 Pages, 5.63 x 8.25 x 12.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781592441358
  • Published: January 2003

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Sexual counseling is not a task that pastors and general Christian counselors usually consider theirs. If one is to venture into the field, he or she must have a solid foundation of reliable information - both physiological and psychological - and confidence that caring intervention will make a difference. This book has been written to provide reliable information and also building a basis of confidence for Christian counselors. 'A Christian Guide to Sexual Counseling' offers counselors procedures for helping couples with sexual problems by first exploring the ambivalent messages that church and culture have conveyed about sexuality. Because the primary sex organ of both the male and the female is the mind, attitudes and concepts must be scrutinized, weighed, and approved or disapproved. As the author so forcefully maintains, sexual counseling will always be trying to repair distortions if sound sex education does not become a priority for the church. Many contemporary Christians are wary of sex therapy because of the notoriety of charlatans and pop sex psychologists. But faddish theories do not comprise the basis for the mainstream of sex therapy. There are sound biological and psychological bases for sexual counseling. And Christian spirituality is not - or should not be - disjoined from treatment of sexual problems. So Mayo brings body, mind, and spirit together in her assessment of the common problems and the appropriate treatments. The book includes discussions of the following areas: -- attitudes of the church toward sexuality -- the responsibility of Christian leaders to offer positive teaching -- normal sexual functioning -- common sexual problems in a marriage -- the role and possible outcomes of sexual counseling -- female problems -- male problems -- special concerns for singles -- premarital education

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