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A History of Philosophy

by Wilhelm Windelband

Translated by James H. Tufts

Imprint: Wipf and Stock

760 Pages, x 1.52 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781592442461
  • Published: May 2003

$69.00 / £52.00 / AU$94.00


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This book was a classic in philosophy - as well as in the history of philosophy - when it first appeared, and it continues to be so today. Instead of enumerating the opinions of individual philosophers or the contrasting dogmas of philosophical schools, it shows in a brilliant way the life of philosophical thought from century to century, its connection with the social and intellectual situation of the different periods, its inner tensions, its growth and decay, and, above all, the fruits of philosophical endeavor for Western civilization in all its expressions. Paul Tillich One or another recent book may be breezier or more frolicsome. But Windelband is a just and clear guide. And the reader of his 'History' who decides to examine the original writings of the great philosophers themselves will be enriched for having been introduced to them by Windelband. Justus Buchler

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