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The Power of Persuasion, Second Edition

by Harry Hazel

Published by: Wipf and Stock Publishers

166 Pages, 5.50 x 8.50 x 0.33 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781597523080
  • Published: July 2005

$22.00 / £17.00 / AU$30.00


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Persuasion is a powerful tool. Attorneys use it to win cases. Politicians practice the art to harvest votes. Salespeople and advertisers rely on it to sell everything from soap to skyscrapers. Preachers weave persuasion into their sermons. Parents try to motivate children and children try to influence their parents. Persuasion can help or hurt. It can help people land a job, earn a living, or get a friend through a tough time. But it can also make the unwary spend more money than they should and get them tangled in commitments they don't want to make. 'The Power of Persuasion' examines persuasion from two perspectives: how does effective persuasion work and what can be done to protect oneself from unwanted forms of influence? Topics include: Part 1 -The secret of successful persuasion -Why image or ethos is so important -The emotional hook: Why is it so effective? -Logical persuasion: When to use it -Self-motivation methods Part II -Knowing when and how to resist advertising and sales -Contending with cults -What to do about the power of film and television -Political persuasion: What to watch for -The link between persuasion and ethics

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