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The Image of Man in C. S. Lewis

C. S. Lewis Secondary Studies Series

by William Luther White

Foreword by Chad Walsh

Imprint: Wipf and Stock

240 Pages, 6.00 x 9.00 x 0.50 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781606082713
  • Published: January 2009

$29.00 / £22.00 / AU$40.00


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It is in the role of remythologizer that C. S. Lewis has been most misunderstood, and it is there that his importance lies. His was the poetic intensity that saw all hell swallowed by a butterfly with no harm done. Of his creation are allegories and myth that express very real elements of life behond understanding or capture for more than a moment. White's 1969 study is the first to examine the entire Lewis corpus and the first to offer such an extensive bibliography. To these invaluable aids for Lewis scholars, White adds his own training in theology and literary criticism and a sensitivity to the complexities of the artist and the religious man. His interpretation of the intricate skeins of belief to be found in Lewis' work make this study as significant to the theological as to the literary world.

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