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Harmonic Relations

A Practical Textbook for the Study of Harmony

by Carl McKinley

Imprint: Resource Publications

152 Pages, 8.00 x 10.00 x 0.00 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781610975315
  • Published: July 2011

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Since its first appearance in 1938 Harmonic Relations has been in continuous use in the classrooms of the New England Conservatory of Music. Every chapter, illustration, and exercise has been subjected to the most careful scrutiny, in an effort to make each statement and explanation as simple and clear as possible, and the exercise material varied, musical, and attractive. The revised edition has benefited greatly from the combined experience of students and teaching staff. Material that proved of doubtful value has been eliminated, the order of presentation has been considerably revised, and much new material has been added, particularly in the latter part of the book. Its principal object is to provide the student with a comprehensive knowledge of the principles of harmonic writing as they may be observed in the works of the great composers of the past, and a theoretical basis for the investigation of the divergent harmonic practices of contemporary writers. From the Introduction TABLE OF CONTENTS IScales IIIntervals IIITriads; Tonality IVChord-root Progressions in Class I VChord-root Progressions in Class II VIChord-root Progressions in Class III VIIHarmonization of Melodies VIIIFirst Inversions of Triads IXSecond Inversions of Triads XThe Minor Mode XIHarmonization of Figured Basses XIIFundamental Harmonic Relations XIIIThe Dominant Seventh Chord XIVThe Inversions of the Dominant Seventh Chord XVExtended Dominant Harmonies XVIThe Supertonic Seventh Chord XVIIOther Diatonic Seventh Chords XVIIIModulation by Common Chords XIXHarmonization of Chorale Melodies XXChromatic Triads XXINeighbor Dominant Seventh Chords XXIINeighbor Diminished Seventh Chords XXIIIAugmented Sixth Chords XXIVNon-chord Tones XXVNon-chord Tones in the Bach Chorale XXVIModulation by Chromatic Chords XXVIIAltered Chords XXVIIIMixed Chords; the Pedal Point XXIXHarmonization of Florid Melodies XXXHarmony in Five or More Parts

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