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Mongolian Proverbs

A Window into Their World

by Janice Raymond

Imprint: Resource Publications

362 Pages, 7.00 x 10.00 x 0.72 in

  • Paperback
  • 9781625646293
  • Published: August 2014

$42.00 / £32.00 / AU$57.00


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Mongolian proverbs reveal important values, while at the same time concealing them. They show the honorable destiny that comes with a good name and the shameful future connected with a bad reputation, assuring a promising future for those who keep Mongolian traditions and customs alive. Unity is important for success, and yet is often elusive in practice. The activities of the unseen world form a major aspect of the Mongolian worldview. When that is understood, the wisdom in their proverbs can be seen from a richer perspective than straight translation reveals. This book sheds light on Mongolian proverbs' enduring wisdom by engaging foreigners in dialogue with native speakers to uncover how their proverbs are used and their intended meanings.

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