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Velcro Families: They Stick!

by LeRoy Lawson

Imprint: Resource Publications

160 Pages

  • eBook
  • 9781725285996
  • Published: November 2020

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You know how blood families grow. You also know how adoption works. The Velcro Family method may be new to you. The biological Lawson family started quite small, when Roy and Joy fell in love, married, and brought three babies into their family. It's still not very big: two living daughters, three grandsons, and one great-granddaughter. But when the whole tribe gets together for their annual week-long all-family vacation, anywhere from thirty to seventy will be there--the parents (Roy and Joy), the children's generation (seventeen), grandchildren's (twenty-three), great-grandchildren's (twenty-seven), and great-great grandchildren's (two). Velcro Families: They Stick! tells the tales of how all these people found love and belonging. And why they still stick. For one thing, each one had to pass the entrance requirement: you can't get into the Lawson family if you come from a functional one.

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