Peter Anson


Peter F. Anson (1889 - 1975) was born in 1889. From 1910 to 1924 he was a member of the Benedictine brotherhood on Caldey Island, and one of the twenty monks who followed Abbot Aelred Carlyle over to Rome in 1913. Reverting to lay-life at the age of thirty-five he soon began to make a name for himself as an author-artist. The first of his thirty-six published books appeared in 1927. He was the Co-founder of the Apostleship of the Sea in 1921, and later on became a founder-member of the Royal Society of Marine Artists. In 1969 he retired to his former island-home as an eventide-borne, where half-way through his eighty-fourth year he is still busy with drawing, painting, and writing; having been given the rare status of a Reformed Cistercian choir-oblate.

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