Fraser Fleming


Fraser Fleming (1964-) was born in Waipawa, New Zealand. He moved to Canada after his undergraduate degree to obtain a PhD in organic chemistry. An intense desire to understand how science and religion might both be true developed into a life-long pursuit during his graduate education. For twenty years he taught chemistry, and occasionally science and religion, at Duquesne University. Then for two years, he served as a Program Director in the Division of Chemistry at the National Science Foundation. Although his primary research is focused on developing new reactions of use in preparing pharmaceuticals, he has taught several courses on science and religion including a study abroad course "Big Bang to Modern Man: A History of Science and the Influence of Religion." He has given presentations on the intersection of science and religion and has taught numerous classes on Christian topics at local churches. He is currently a Professor of Organic Chemistry and Head of the Department of Chemistry at Drexel University in Philadelphia.

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