John Thompson


John Thompson, a graduate of Dublin, Edinburgh and Queen's University, Belfast was a student under the late Karl Barth in Basel, Switzerland. He has made a special study of Barth's writings and is the author of a book on what many regard as the center of Barth's whole theology, namely, the person and work of Jesus Christ. The book is entitled Christ in Perspective in the Theology of Karl Barth, published by the Saint Andrew Press and Wm. Eerdmans in 1978. He is also the Editor of a centenary volume on Karl Barth. Theology Beyond Christendom published by Pickwick Publications 1987.

The author is a member of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland and ministered in congregations in both Dublin and Belfast. He was part-time lecturer in Theology in Presbyterian College, Belfast from 1970-1973 and was appointed to the Chair of Systematic Theology in Union College in 1976. He is also a member of the Faculty of Theology in Queen's University and an extern lecturer in Historical Theology. He was for many years Joint Editor of Biblical Theology and has contributed many articles to it as well as to the Scottish Journal of Theology, Irish Biblical Studies, The Irish Theological Quarterly and Doctrine and Life.

In contrast to P. J. Rosato who sees Barth's Spirit theology as central, if not predominant, the author views it rather as an essential aspect of the total thrust of Barth's work as it is related primarily to the doctrines of the Trinity, election, and reconciliation.

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