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  • SOM Pod: Roger Price, author of “When Judaism Meets Science”

    Please take a listen to this fascinating conversation with Wipf and Stock Publishers author Roger Price as he discusses his most recent work When Judaism Meets Science with Rabbi Richard Address on the SOM Pod.

    Roger Price is a graduate of the University of Michigan and the University of Chicago Law School. Since his retirement in 2010 as a litigator with a major national law firm, Roger has written over fifty essays on the interface of Judaism and science. These essays have been published and shared on numerous websites including Judaism and Science and Jewish Journal, as well as cited or used by college professors, newspaper columnists, day school boards, and elsewhere.

  • Sneak peak of a new poem by Resource Publications author Harold J. Recinos From his forthcoming work, The Coming Day (Wipf and Stock)

    By Hal Recinos, Professor of Church and Society


    we are splinters from
    heaven, fragments of
    divine love, beautiful
    and varied dark bodies
    made at the beginning
    of time by God. we are
    the night in the desert
    with toddlers afraid, the
    eyes watchful of clouds
    that rush across borders,
    the public square, the market,
    the cemeteries, the jails,
    and the poor you will see
    in the great house beyond
    stars. we are the hungry,
    the lame, the naked, the sick,
    the women, the widows, the
    Gay and the unnamed leaving
    Christ speechless in church.
    we are the ruins of conquest,
    the blood on your flag, the
    Virgin de Guadalupe, the
    tale of climate change and
    the loud screams you hear in
    your heads, the malls, the raids,
    the streets and inside those fancy
    flat screen TVs. we are the people
    too black, too brown, too red, too
    yellow, too weak, too small, and
    too poor to be alive say the White
    hooded loud voices euphoric
    with idiocy—yet we rise on
    these forbidden streets!!

  • Ronald P. Byars discuses "Believer on Sunday, Atheist by Thursday" On Union Matters! Podcast

    Print"Regular worshipers may be believers on Sunday but (nearly) atheists by Thursday. The general public, not making fine distinctions, lumps mainline Protestants together with fundamentalists fighting to hold on to a privileged status already lost. Circumstances favor religious skeptics, who find themselves with rising influence. Church members in mainline denominations feel caught between a rock and a hard place. Thus comes the critical question of the moment: is Christian faith of an intellectually serious and recognizably generous sort still possible? Union Presbyterian Seminary Professor Emeritus of Preaching and Worship Ronald P Byars's new book "Believer on Sunday, Atheist by Thursday" invites readers to explore basic questions about faith itself, and classically inclined Christian faith in particular."

    Union alumnus Jessica Tate wrote the Foreward to the book and spoke with Dr. Byars about it via Skype. You can listen to their full discussion on Dr. Byars work Believer on Sunday, Atheist by Thursday on the Union Matters! Podcast here

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