Review Roundup

Our books have been getting a lot of review love from a whole host of journals and websites. See below for a snapshot of some recent reviews of our books.

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Stimulus: The New Zealand Journal of Christian Thought and Practice

Vol. 28, Issue 1 of Stimulus includes reviews of two recent Cascade volumes—Jerusalem Bound: How to Be a Pilgrim in the Holy Land by Rodney Aist and Discover the Holy Land: A Travel Guide to Israel and Jordan by Max Miller.

Reviewer Bob Robinson writes of Jerusalem Bound, “[Aist] is refreshingly candid about the challenges and disappointments of pilgrimage; he mentions gift-shops and contested ecclesial spaces, the noise and bustle of Holy Land travel with its throngs of camera – and toilet – obsessed pilgrims as he offers practical advice that includes ‘pilgrim fatigue’ and even the ‘pilgrim economy’ with warnings about its occasionally unscrupulous commercial exploitation of the unwary. All of these are woven into discussion of ‘the elusive nature of the Holy Land.’ At the same time, the volume never loses sight of the distinctly Christian calling to pilgrimage as the traveller is called to develop a God-given ‘third eye’ that enables the pilgrim to see beneath and beyond the surface of things.” Read the full review here.

Derek Tovey’s review of Discover the Holy Land is equally informative and congratulatory. Tovey writes, “I should think that anyone leading a tour to the Holy Land would benefit from having this book in their library. Visitors or pilgrims to the Holy Land will want to read it to give them an idea of the history of the sites, and to help them decide what to see and how to allocate their time.” Read the review in its entirety here.

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Tikkun here offers not one but two reviews of Bill Wylie-Kellermann’s Celebrant’s Flame: Daniel Berrigan in Memory and Reflection.

“Rarely have I ever read a book that transcends more than 50 years of resistance, relationships, agape love, and mentorships,” writes reviewer Rich Feldman. “A creative biography that is both a personal journey of the writer and the subject.  Bill Wylie Kellerman shares his personal journey of love, resistance, and relationships through his memories and reflections of a ‘true lover of life, a witness of peace, a soldier of resistance’—Daniel Berrigan.” Read both reviews from Tikkun here.

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Spoiled Milks

Spencer Robinson, blogger at Spoiled Milks, has recently written reviews of three Cascade titles, namely Sin and its Remedy in Paul, edited by Nijay K. Gupta and John K. Goodrich; 2 Corinthians: A Short Exegetical and Pastoral Commentary by Anthony C. Thiselton; and Old Testament Cosmology and Divine Accommodation: A Relevance Theory Approach by John W. Hilber.

Of Sin and its Remedy, Robinson writes, “I highly recommend this volume any pastors, teachers, and students either working through any of these letters, or to anyone who wants a better understanding of how Paul views sin and its remedy in Jesus Christ.” Read the review here.

Says Robinson on Thiselton’s 2 Corinthians: “[Thiselton’s” questions are perceptive, and he is extremely well-read and astute. He gets to the point without belaboring the point. . . . Honestly, if you’re going to study 2 Corinthians, you should consider putting Thiselton’s book into your repertoire.” Read more of the review here.

Finally, Robinson remarks on Hilber’s Old Testament Cosmology: “This is a really interesting book for those wanting to go deeper into hermeneutics, especially along the lines of speech-act theory. . . . Hilber really brings an important and helpful theory to the table of biblical interpretation.” Read Robinson’s review here.


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