Echoes of the Gospel in Harry Potter by Clay Myatt

More on Clay Myatt’s “Echoes of the Gospel in Harry Potter”

Wipf and Stock author, Clay Myatt, has written a new article on Harry Potter in UK magazine, Premier Christianity. Myatt discusses here the themes of love, death, and resurrection in the famous book series by J. K. Rowling. “Many people, Christians included, are unaware that echoes of the gospel reverberate throughout the Harry Potter series,” writes Myatt. The author of course offers a more extensive treatment of just this in his Wipf & Stock volume, Echoes of the Gospel in Harry Potter, in which he considers hints of the gospel via not just Harry Potter’s themes, but also its characters and magical world.

Myatt also recently appeared on the podcast, Pastors at the Mic, being interviewed specifically on his book. Check out the episode below.

Our warmest congratulations to author, Clay Myatt, for both this and prior positive publicity. You can visit his website at


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