New review of Reuben Bredenhof’s “Hallowed” from Themelios

The Gospel Coalition’s latest issue of Themelios features a glowing review of Wipf and Stock book, “Hallowed: Echoes of the Psalms in the Lord’s Prayer” by Reuben Bredenhof.

Reviewer Peter C. W. Ho writes, “This book is valuable in three ways. First, by reading the Lord’s Prayer with the Old Testament Psalms, Bredenhof helps readers see a more holistic and integrated Bible. Readers can see a specific theme of the Prayer in action historically in the Old Testament and then learn how that theme is understood and applied in the New Testament. Second, this volume speaks with a winning pastoral voice that is undergirded with academic rigour. Without allowing the latter to get in the way, Bredenhof writes in a conversational style, peppering the volume with many anecdotes and personal stories. Readers will find a light-hearted and relevant read. Third, Bredenhof provides several helpful questions for further reflection at the end of each chapter. These questions are intended for deeper engagement and praxis on the content and are carefully crafted so that readers can take time to pause, muse, and pray.”

Read the full review at Themelios’ website.


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