Barth Booth, Pt. 1 / Kaitlyn Dugan / God’s “Yes” to the World

The Barth Booth is a virtual exhibit devoted to the life and work of Karl Barth. The exhibit is hosted on the Wipf and Stock Blog and includes a set of interviews with Barth scholars, as well as a selection of Wipf and Stock’s books by and about Barth.

Dr. Kaitlyn Dugan is the Director of the Center for Barth Studies and co-author of The Finality of the Gospel: Karl Barth and the Tasks of Eschatology (2022) and Karl Barth and Liberation Theology (2023). Dugan’s own research and writing focus on Pauline apocalyptic theology, eschatology, Karl Barth, Christian liberation theologies, and theologies of death.

In this episode, Dr. Dugan talks about the important work of the Center for Barth Studies, the relationship between Barth and Pauline apocalyptic, the “Yes” and “No” of Barth’s theology, and Barthian political theology.

Kaitlyn Dugan is the Director of the Center for Barth Studies and grant co-author for the $300,000 Scholarly Editions and Scholarly Translations grant awarded by the National Endowment for the Humanities to the Karl Barth Translator’s Seminar in 2019. Dugan is co-editor of The Finality of the Gospel: Karl Barth and the Tasks of Eschatology (2022) and Karl Barth and Liberation Theology (2023). Dugan earned an MDiv from Princeton Theological Seminary and a PhD in systematic theology from the University of Aberdeen. She is a member of St. James Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) in Harlem, New York City.

Show Notes


The Barth Booth:

Center for Barth Studies:

2023 Karl Barth Conference:

2023 Barth Graduate Student Colloquium:

Karl Barth Resource Guide:

Outline of Church Dogmatics:

Synergy Kombucha:


Barth, Karl. Anselm: Fides Quaerens Intellectum.

———. Church Dogmatics. 14 vols.

———. Deliverance to the Captives.

———. Dogmatics in Outline.

———. The Epistle to the Romans.

———. Evangelical Theology: An Introduction.

Busch, Eberhard, ed. Barth in Conversation. 3 vols.

Chalamet, Christophe. Dialectical Theologians: Wilhelm Herrmann, Karl Barth and Rudolf Bultmann.

Nimmo, Paul T. Being in Action: The Theological Shape of Barth’s Ethical Vision.

Ziegler, Philip G. Militant Grace: The Apocalyptic Turn and the Future of Christian Theology.


(01:55) – Kombucha and lapsang tea

(05:53) – The Barth Center

(09:41) – Gordon-Conwell – Princeton – Aberdeen

(14:35) – Philip Ziegler and Pauline apocalyptic

(16:30) – Barth’s “expansive vision of God’s grace”

(18:55) – Barth on God’s “Yes” and “No”

(28:48) – The caricatured Barth

(36:12) – Can Barth’s theology handle the tragic?

(41:07) – Church Dogmatics 4.1

(44:17) – Barth resource guide

(48:52) – Influences: Herrmann, Kierkegaard, Calvin, Luther, Anselm, …

(55:20) – Barth and the political

(01:00:24) – The horizon for Barth studies: The Holy Spirit and actualism

(01:04:59) – 2023 Karl Barth Conference and Graduate Student Colloquium


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