Apocalyptic Paul Booth, Pt. 1 / Jamie Davies / Reading Paul among Other Biblical and Jewish Apocalyptic Literature

The Apocalyptic Paul Booth is a series of episodes dedicated to apocalyptic readings of the apostle Paul’s letters. Interviews situate Pauline apocalyptic—a stream of similar interpretations of Paul’s writings originating in the work of exegetes like Rudolf Bultmann and Ernst Käsemann—among other interpretations (the Old and New Paul readings, for instance) as well as among Second Temple Jewish apocalyptic literature.

Here we interview Jamie Davies (PhD, St Andrews), Tutor of New Testament and Director of Research at Trinity College, Bristol (UK). His research largely concerns apocalyptic thought in the New Testament and other Second Temple Jewish and Christian literature, with a particular focus on the letters and theology of Paul. He is the author of Paul Among the Apocalypses (2016), The Apocalyptic Paul: Retrospect and Prospect (Cascade, 2022), and Reading Revelation: A Literary and Theological Commentary (forthcoming, 2023).

Show Notes


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Dr. Davies’ Twitter: https://twitter.com/JamiePDavies⁠

Dr. Davies’ academia.edu page: ⁠https://trinitycollegebristol.academia.edu/JamieDavies⁠


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———. Paul Among the Apocalypses?: An Evaluation of the ‘Apocalyptic Paul’ in the Context of Jewish and Christian Apocalyptic Literature.

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(02:14) – Ethiopian coffee, evening tea

(03:40) – Defining “apocalyptic”

(06:24) – Apocalyptic vis-à-vis other perspectives on Paul

(09:39) – Old and New Perspectives

(11:23) – Where to start

(13:59) – “An accidental Paul scholar”

(15:59) – Paul among other biblical apocalyptic

(18:59) – Desert island: Barth, Kasemann, Gaventa

(20:49) – Pauline apocalyptic after Kasemann and Martyn: did we forget John?

(24:30) – Jewish apocalyptic literature, supersessionism

(28:22) – Pauline apocalyptic and Jewish apocalyptic

(31:43) – Johannine apocalyptic

(34:36) – Why do apocalyptic Paul scholars like Barth so much?

(37:14) – Non-Protestants entering the fold: O’Regan, Hart

(40:10) – Pauline apocalyptic in an interdisciplinary and generous mode

(44:03) – Apocalyptic epistemology

(47:28) – New directions in Pauline apocalyptic

(50:22) – Teaching apocalyptic to ministerial students

(53:34) – How to connect with Jamie


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