Aimee Patterson / Severe Suffering and the Call to Compassion

Aimee Patterson is a Christian ethicist at The Salvation Army Ethics Centre and adjunct faculty at Booth University College. Patterson holds a PhD in religious ethics from McGill University and wrote her dissertation on the ethics of care at the end of life. She is a repeat award winner with the Canadian Christian Communicators Association. This book is an outcome of Patterson’s personal experiences with suffering and compassion.

Show Notes


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Suffering Well and Suffering With:

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Cassell, Eric J. The Nature of Suffering and the Goals of Medicine.

Koyama, Kosuke. Three Mile an Hour God.

Patterson, Aimee. Suffering Well and Suffering With.

Schweitzer, Albert. On the Edge of the Primeval Forest.


(01:27) – Studying suffering and experiencing suffering

(05:27) – Bookstores in Montreal and Portland

(06:57) – Roundtable: Jesus, Job, and family

(10:11) – Suffering and the body

(17:20) – Severe suffering and social stigma

(22:38) – Social responses to severe suffering

(36:13) – Suffering and evil

(47:14) – The church’s role in suffering well and suffering with

(55:11) – The solidarity of suffering

(01:02:02) – The role of the emotions in compassion

(01:11:06) – How to listen well and show compassion

(01:16:46) – What’s next for Aimee & where to find her


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