The Spirit of Adoption reviewed in the Jan-Feb 2015 issue of Christianity Today

The Spirit of Adoption: Writers on Religion, Adoption, Faith, and Moreedited by Melanie Springer Mock, Martha Kalnin Diede, and Jeremiah Webster.

Christians sometimes fall prey to a "happily-ever-after mythology" surrounding adoption, writes Mock, an English teacher at George Fox University, in the introduction to this volume. In reality, adoption is a "messy business, fraught with paradox and complication, with joy and sorrow, with loss and redemption." The Spirit of Adoption gathers first-person accounts from adoptive parents, birth mothers, and adoptees on how adoption has shaped their lives. "By allowing others to narrate their spiritual journeys through adoption," Mock writes, the book shows that "adoption can be a wonderful, powerful, hopeful experience and one that is difficult, painful, despairing. And that . . . these paradoxes might be held together in God's hand."

-- prepared by Matt Reynolds,

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