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  1. Unmasking Biblical Faiths

    / JAN 2019

    Unmasking Biblical Faiths aims to address many of the challenges to traditional Christian faith in the modern world. Since the eighteenth-century Age of Enlightenment, human reason, formerly... read more »
  2. Parabolic Figures or Narrative Fictions?

    / JUN 2016

    Hedrick contends that parables do not teach moral and religious lessons; they are not, in whole or part, theological figures for the church. Rather, parables are realistic narrative fictions that... read more »
  3. The Wisdom of Jesus

    / NOV 2014

    How would the image of Jesus appear if it were based only on sayings that scholars generally agreed originated with Jesus? And how would the wisdom of Jesus reflected in those few sayings compare... read more »
  4. When History and Faith Collide

    / FEB 2013

    Hedrick explores the tension, or collision, that occurs when studying the Jesus of faith with the critical eye of historical scholarship. He outlines the nature of historical inquiry, gives a brief... read more »
  5. Unlocking the Secrets of the Gospel according to Thomas

    / AUG 2010

    This translation of the Gospel of Thomas represents a departure from the usual literal English of previous publications. It aims at providing a reader-friendly translation of the original Coptic... read more »
  6. Nag Hammadi, Gnosticism, and Early Christianity

    / OCT 2005

    "[This] book acquaints the beginner with the topic of gnosticism and early Christianity and presents to the specialist some of the new frontiers their colleagues are exploring. For the beginner... read more »
  7. The Apocalypse of Adam

    / SEP 2005

    The 'Apocalypse of Adam' was discovered among the papyri from the ancient gnostic library at Nag Hammadi, Egypt, in 1946. It is a "revelatory discourse" that Adam delivers to his son Seth. This... read more »

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