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  1. On Being an Earth Being

    Norman C. Habel

    Resource / FEB 2020

    What happens when you discover you are an Earth being and not just a human being? This volume traces my journey from being a child of Mother Church to being a child of Mother Earth, from being a... read more »
  2. Yahweh Versus Baal

    Norman C. Habel

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2018

    Since 1929, scholars have been concerned with the interpretation of certain Canaanite literary materials found at Ras Shamra in North Syria, known as Ugarit in ancient times. Attention has been... read more »
  3. The Gospel of Mark and the Roman-Jewish War of 66-70 CE

    Stephen Simon Kimondo

    Pickwick / JUL 2018

    This book interprets Mark's gospel in light of the Roman-Jewish War of 66–70 CE. Locating the authorship of Mark's gospel in rural Galilee or southern Syria after the fall of... read more »
  4. The Irony of Power

    Dorothy Jean Weaver

    Pickwick / JUN 2017

    This volume engages the Gospel of Matthew in full awareness of its inherently political character. Weaver situates Matthew's version of the "good news of the kingdom" squarely within the "real... read more »
  5. The Nature of Things

    Graham Buxton, Norman C. Habel

    Pickwick / NOV 2016

    In 2015 a conference on "Rediscovering the Spiritual in God's Creation" was held at the Serafino winery complex in the McLaren Vale region of South Australia. The aim of the conference was not to... read more »
  6. Dancing in the Dark, Revised Edition

    Graham Buxton

    Cascade / NOV 2016

    Christians are often tempted to encapsulate God in their own little boxes, as if God could be tied down to our finite way of thinking. But we can neither domesticate nor fully understand God, for... read more »
  7. A Smaller God

    Petri Merenlahti

    Cascade / DEC 2014

    The Bible is a perplexing book. It blends primitive beliefs with timeless truths, swings between compassionate love and ruthless violence, and forms a sympathetic heavenly father from the remains... read more »
  8. An Uncertain Certainty

    Graham Buxton

    Cascade / SEP 2014

    Many people in Christian ministry are tired of simplistic certainties; what they need is permission to live with uncertainty, with mystery, ambiguity, and paradox. Because we live in a world that... read more »
  9. Orality and Literacy in Early Christianity

    Pieter Botha, David Rhoads

    Cascade / NOV 2012

    The history of the Jesus movement and earliest Christianity requires careful attention to the characteristics and peculiarities of oral and literate traditions. Understanding the distinctive... read more »
  10. Oral Tradition in Ancient Israel

    Robert D. Miller, II, OFS, David Rhoads

    Cascade / SEP 2011

    Providing a comprehensive study of "oral tradition" in Israel, this volume unpacks the nature of oral tradition, the form it would have taken in ancient Israel, and the remains of it in the... read more »

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