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  1. How Relationships Work, Second Edition

    Irene Alexander

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2020

    This book explores some of the basic principles of a wide range of relationship topics from boundaries, to sex, to differentiation, assertive communication, and conflict. We often are not taught... read more »
  2. Awakening Desire

    Irene Alexander

    Cascade / APR 2018

    The hope of this book is that it awakens desire to know more intimately the God who breaks through our compartmentalization and naming. While most in the West have heard God’s name as almost... read more »
  3. Of Martyrs, Monks, and Mystics

    Charles R. Ringma, Irene Alexander

    Cascade / OCT 2015

    Everywhere there are voices calling for a new Reformation, marked by a return to the older sources of Christian wisdom, and for drinking anew the inspiration of the Desert Fathers and Mothers, the... read more »
  4. Stories of Transformation and Hope

    Irene Alexander

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2014

    What if the people I know were to be transformed by an encounter with the cosmos? The foreign woman who argues with the doctor, the homeless man on the street corner, the corrupt politician, the... read more »
  5. A Glimpse of the Kingdom in Academia

    Irene Alexander

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    University is a major way that our society prepares professionals and leaders in education, health, government, business, arts, church--all components of our communal lives. Although the beginnings... read more »
  6. Reflected Love

    Christopher Basil Brown

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2012

    By bringing four contemporary companioning narratives into dialogue with gospel descriptions of Jesus' encounters with people, this book demonstrates how wonderfully diverse interpersonal... read more »
  7. Practicing the Presence of Jesus

    Irene Alexander

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2011

    Many Christians long to know God more deeply but find themselves limited by old understandings and ways of knowing. Practicing the Presence of Jesus rediscovers the centuries old Ignatian tradition... read more »

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