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  1. Consider This on This Day

    Robin K. Johnson

    Resource / DEC 2016

    We are in a society that is constantly on the move. We want what we want, and we want it right now without any exceptions. The first thing we should grab in the beginning of our days is a word from... read more »
  2. Reflections from the Marriage Table

    Ron Clark, Lori A. Clark

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2016

    In the midst of hectic and fast paced families, one stable element that can bring grace, love, and joy is the table. Biblically, the table was a place of mercy, unity, and hospitality. Marriage... read more »
  3. A Daughter's Book of Secrets

    Robin K. Johnson

    Resource / JUL 2016

    A father should be the man by which all other men are measured in the eyes of his daughter.

    This book is designed to open up discussions between fathers and daughters on the cusp of... read more »
  4. The Spirit of Jesus Unleashed on the Church

    Ron Clark

    Cascade / JAN 2016

    The Spirit of Jesus Unleashed on the Church is the third book in a series concerning the restoration of Jesus' people in a world where the marginalized classes longed for reconciliation to... read more »
  5. Planting Daisies

    Robin K. Johnson

    Resource / SEP 2014

    Planting Daisies is one of those books in which reader and character become friends in the face of their shared struggles. Personal stories that tell the plight of the women of the Daisy... read more »
  6. Jesus Unleashed

    Ron Clark

    Cascade / JAN 2014

    Luke's narrative of Jesus was presented to Christians who had already heard and read stories of Jesus and the birth of this new movement, Christianity. Luke seemed to rewrite the story of Jesus... read more »
  7. The God of Second Chances

    Ron Clark

    Cascade / SEP 2012

    When the people of Judah were taken captive by the Babylonians, their world was drastically changed. While in exile they experienced shame, guilt, fear, and displacement. However, their God had... read more »
  8. Am I Sleeping with the Enemy?

    Ron Clark

    Cascade / JUL 2010

    When a boy cries, his father trains him in the way of the ancients. He is taught to "man up," and rejects anything feminine in his life. Thus he begins the process of becoming a man in the image of... read more »
  9. The Better Way

    Ron Clark

    Resource / JAN 2010

    When Paul came to Corinth he found a culture emerging from the ashes of Roman power. As Julius Caesar rebuilt the fallen city he brought Roman culture to this Greek community. Likewise, Paul's... read more »
  10. Freeing the Oppressed

    Ron Clark

    Cascade / SEP 2009

    When Jesus spoke at his local synagogue he boldly proclaimed that he was the one sent to free those who were oppressed. He came to provide hope, peace, and safety to those suffering in the world.... read more »

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