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  1. Where the Water Goes Around

    Bill Wylie-Kellermann

    Cascade / MAY 2017

    Where the Water Goes Around is a biblical and political reading of Detroit over the course of three decades by an activist pastor.

    Detroit is a place where one can take the... read more »
  2. Where the Sacred and Secular Harmonize

    David G. Holmes

    Cascade / NOV 2017

    Among pivotal historical moments in the United States, the civil rights movement stands out. In Where the Sacred and Secular Harmonize: Birmingham Mass Meeting Rhetoric and the Prophetic Legacy... read more »
  3. Where Faith Meets Culture

    Sharon Gallagher

    Cascade / JAN 2010

    Where Faith Meets Culture is a Radix magazine anthology. What does Radix usually contain? Interviews and features. Reviews of significant books, films, and CDs. Informed opinions in... read more »
  4. When Heaven Stands Open

    Timothy Matthew Slemmons

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    Liturgical Elements for Reformed Worship is a series of four liturgical resources: three consisting of liturgical elements for Years A, B, and C of the Revised Common Lectionary, and a fourth, the... read more »
  5. What's Worship Got to Do with It?

    Claudio Carvalhaes

    Cascade / NOV 2018

    This book connects the living realms of the church, the self, the neighbor and the world. It envisions our daily local and global life from liturgical spaces, places where Christians worship God.... read more »
  6. What's with Free Will?

    Philip Clayton, James W. Walters

    Cascade / MAR 2020

    Are humans free, or are we determined by our genes and the world around us? The question of freedom is not only one of philosophy’s greatest conundrums, but also one of the most fundamental... read more »
  7. What the Heavens Declare

    Lydia Jaeger

    Cascade / JUN 2012

    In her latest book, What the Heavens Declare, Lydia Jaeger provides a detailed analysis of the role of the theistic doctrine of creation in the rise of modern science, with a particular... read more »
  8. What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women

    Kevin Giles

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    Kevin Giles has been writing on women in the Bible for over forty years. In this book, What the Bible Actually Teaches on Women, he gives the most comprehensive account to date of the... read more »
  9. Western Culture in Gospel Context

    David J. Kettle

    Cascade / APR 2011

    Approaching us in sovereign freedom, God comes alive to us, we come alive to God, and all creation comes alive as a sign pointing to God. In the gospel of Jesus Christ, God gives and discloses... read more »
  10. We Want to Believe

    Amy M. Donaldson

    Cascade / APR 2011

    From the first episode to the latest feature film, two main symbols provide the driving force for the iconic television series The X-Files: Fox Mulder's "I Want to Believe" poster and Dana Scully's... read more »

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