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  1. Wise Man from the East: Lit-sen Chang (Zhang Lisheng)

    Lit-sen Chang, G. Wright Doyle

    Pickwick / AUG 2013

    How should Christianity relate to Chinese culture? That question has engaged the minds of both Chinese and Western Christians for several centuries . Lit-sen Chang (1904-1996) was brought up as a... read more »
  2. Wisdom and the Renewal of Catholic Theology

    Thomas P. Harmon, Roger W. Nutt

    Pickwick / OCT 2016

    For more than fifty years, Fr. Matthew L. Lamb has been one of the major figures in American Catholic theology through his writing, teaching, and involvement in scholarly societies. Over a decade... read more »
  3. Why Resurrection?

    Carlos Blanco

    Pickwick / MAR 2011

    Few questions exert such a great fascination on human conscience as those related to the meaning of life, history, and death. The belief in the resurrection of the dead constitutes an answer to a... read more »
  4. Who's Minding the Story?

    Jeff Seaton

    Pickwick / JUL 2018

    Who’s Minding the Story? examines the trajectory of the United Church of Canada since its heyday in the mid-1960s. Jeff Seaton argues that the denomination accepted the criticisms... read more »
  5. Who's Afraid of the Unmoved Mover?

    Andrew I. Shepardson

    Pickwick / FEB 2019

    Are postmodern philosophy and Christian theology compatible? A surprising number of Christian philosophers and theologians think so. However, these same thinkers argue that postmodern insights... read more »
  6. Who is Present in Absence?

    Pamela F. Engelbert

    Pickwick / JAN 2019

    What transpires when Classical Pentecostals pray for God to intervene within their suffering, but God does not? Traditionally, Classical Pentecostals center on encountering God as demonstrated... read more »
  7. Where Are the Poor?

    Philip D. Wingeier-Rayo

    Pickwick / APR 2011

    The Ecclesial Base Communities (CEBs) emerged in the wake of Latin American liberation theology and are often referred to as "the Church of the Poor." This book, however, addresses whether or not... read more »
  8. When the Eternal Can Be Met

    Corey Latta

    Pickwick / APR 2014

    When the Eternal Can Be Met excavates the philosophy behind the theology of the twentieth century's most prominent Christian writers: C. S. Lewis, T. S. Eliot, and W. H. Auden. These three... read more »
  9. When Religion Matters

    Annie Hardison-Moody

    Pickwick / OCT 2016

    How does starting with women's statements that "God was there" in the moment of wartime violence shift the ways we think about religion, conflict, and healing? Religion and health scholar Annie... read more »
  10. When I Survey the Wondrous Cross

    Richard L. Floyd

    Pickwick / FEB 2010

    The essays that follow attempt to address the important issues that must be addressed if we are to speak about atonement in a manner that is faithful to the biblical narrative. Chapter One asks,... read more »

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