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  1. Toward a Culture of Freedom

    Thorwald Lorenzen

    Cascade / MAR 2008

    The Ten Commandments belong to the "classics" of Western culture. They are an authoritative part of the Hebrew and the Christian Scriptures. Since they come to us from an ancient past, it is both... read more »
  2. To Teach, To Delight, and To Move

    David S. Cunningham

    Cascade / OCT 2004

    This book initiates a new conversation about how theological education might be re-envisioned for the twenty-first century church. The prevailing curricular structure in today's seminaries and... read more »
  3. To Teach the Truth

    Schubert M. Ogden

    Cascade / MAR 2015

    But will it teach? The only good answer to this question often asked about a Christian theology is to teach it, which is to say, to teach according to it, to what it indicates, reflectively and... read more »
  4. To Hear the Word - Second Edition

    John Howard Yoder

    Cascade / JAN 2010

    "Of very few people can it be legitimately said that their work fundamentally reconfigured the landscape of two theological disciplines. But if there is anyone in recent memory who would be worthy... read more »
  5. To Aliens and Exiles

    Tim MacBride

    Cascade / MAY 2020

    Over the space of a generation, Christianity in the Western world has gone from occupying a central place in the wider society to being eyed with increasing suspicion and, in some places, outright... read more »
  6. Three Theological Mistakes

    Ric Machuga

    Cascade / JAN 2015

    - Is the existence of God a matter of faith or knowledge?
    - Does God sometimes act miraculously or are there physical causes for everything?
    - Is morality absolute or relative?
    - Are... read more »
  7. Thomas Merton

    Paul R. Dekar

    Cascade / AUG 2011

    Thomas Merton was arguably the twentieth century's most widely published and widely read spiritual writer. This book explores Merton's prophetic writings and experience as they offer guidance for... read more »
  8. This Littler Light

    Jesse James DeConto

    Cascade / NOV 2013

    Like other evangelical kids, Jesse James DeConto felt called to shine the light of truth into the world. His job as a journalist and his young marriage, though, would radically change him. First,... read more »
  9. Thinking With the Church

    Derek C. Hatch

    Cascade / DEC 2017

    Over the centuries, Baptists have labored to follow Christ in faithful devotion and service. More recently, they have occasionally partnered with fellow Christians from other traditions in these... read more »
  10. Thinking the Faith with Passion

    Paul L. Holmer, David J. Gouwens, et al.…

    Cascade / APR 2012

    In his teaching and his writing, Paul L. Holmer (1916-2004), Professor of Philosophy at the University of Minnesota (1946-1960) and Noah Porter Professor of Philosophical Theology at Yale Divinity... read more »

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