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  1. Communion with the Triune God

    Dick O. Eugenio

    Pickwick / MAR 2014

    The revival of Trinitarian studies in the twentieth century ushered in a new era of theological innovation. The renewed and dedicated articulation of the Trinity as a doctrine in its own right is... read more »
  2. From Faith to Faith

    Stanley J. Rodes

    Pickwick / OCT 2013

    The idea that covenant theology is profoundly influential in John Wesley's theological thought sounds dissonant. What would an evangelical Arminian have to do with a theological framework that... read more »
  3. Holy Trinity: Holy People

    Thomas A. Noble

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    Teaching on the sanctification of Christians using the difficult word perfection has been part of Christian spirituality through the centuries. The Fathers spoke of it and Augustine particularly... read more »
  4. The Cappadocian Mothers

    Carla D. Sunberg

    Pickwick / APR 2017

    The Cappadocian Fathers had great influence on the church of the fourth century, having brought their passion for Christ and theological expertise to life in their ministry. Their work was not... read more »
  5. The Theology of the Christian Life in J.I. Packer's Thought

    Don J. Payne

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2006

    This study offers a critical analysis of J.I. Packer's theology of the Christian life. Packer has achieved international acclaim and wielded widespread influence within evangelicalism for more than... read more »
  6. Thomas F. Torrance and the Church Fathers

    Jason Robert Radcliff

    Pickwick / NOV 2014

    In this volume, Jason Radcliff examines T. F. Torrance's reading of the church fathers. Radcliff explores how Torrance reconstructs the patristic tradition, producing a Reformed, evangelical, and... read more »

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