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  1. Tell Them Something Beautiful

    Samuel D. Rocha

    Cascade / APR 2017

    A collection of essays composed during the Obama presidency on politics, theology, art, and education. Social and political critique, pastoral philosophy, postmodern theology, deschooling, and folk... read more »
  2. Teaching to Justice, Citizenship, and Civic Virtue

    Julia K. Stronks, Gloria Goris Stronks

    Resource / SEP 2014

    In Teaching to Justice, Citizenship, and Civic Virtue, a group of teachers considers how students learn and what students need in order to figure out what God is requiring of them. The... read more »
  3. Teaching Tenets of Faith in Worship

    James Akerson

    Resource / APR 2019

    Western culture no longer has a broad Christian understanding. In fact, much of what American media dishes out is pantheistic or anti-religious. Sociological research indicates that a multitude of... read more »
  4. Teaching for Christian Wisdom

    Samy Estafanos

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2018

    In many ways, Christian education in the Presbyterian Church in Egypt was deeply influenced by public education in Egypt. One of the negative consequences of such influence is the significant lack... read more »
  5. Teaching for a Multifaith World

    Eleazar S. Fernandez

    Pickwick / MAY 2017

    When religious diversity is our reality, radical hospitality to people of other faiths is not a luxury but a necessity. More than necessary for our survival, radical hospitality to religious... read more »
  6. Teach Like a Disciple

    Jillian Nerhus Lederhouse

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2016

    Although much has been written about P-12 teaching from a biblical perspective, this study focuses on Christ's relationships with a diverse group of individuals: wealthy and poor, women and men,... read more »
  7. Teach from the Heart

    Jenell Paris

    Cascade / JUN 2016

    How can a teacher remain whole and happy, able to teach well for an entire semester, an entire year, and an entire career? Teach from the Heart is about finding, rediscovering, or holding on... read more »
  8. Story, Formation, and Culture

    Benjamin D. Espinoza, James Riley Estep, Jr., et al.…

    Pickwick / OCT 2018

    Story, Formation, and Culture brings together a myriad of scholars, researchers, and ministry leaders into conversation about how we can effectively nurture the spirituality of children.... read more »
  9. Stones and Stories

    Judith E. Anderson

    Resource / MAR 2019

    Human beings are interpreters.

    •When, what, and how do we interpret?

    •Which is more reliable: literal information or symbolic expression?

    •What... read more »
  10. State Religious Education and the State of Religious Life

    Liam Gearon, Joseph Prud'homme

    Pickwick / APR 2018

    This book explores recent calls to increase instruction of the Bible in American public schools. The work develops a distinctive philosophical and trans-Atlantic assessment of these proposals by... read more »

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