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  1. Through All the Plain

    Benjamin John Peters

    Cascade / MAY 2014

    We kill. We come home. We move on. But the violence haunts. And then it questions. Was I justified in Iraq? Is there meaning in violence? For some, the answer comes easily. For others, one question... read more »
  2. The Philosophy of Literature

    Donald Phillip Verene

    Cascade / SEP 2018

    The Philosophy of Literature: Four Studies puts forth the question of the extent to which philosophers must go to school with the poets. It begins with a new interpretation of the famous... read more »
  3. Six Biblical Plays for Contemporary Audiences

    Robin Gallaher Branch

    Cascade / JUN 2016

    Fills a Need: For biblically based, thoroughly researched plays for a general audience.

    Is Fun: Laugh as members of the body of Christ sing and dance their way into your church. See... read more »
  4. Master Kierkegaard: Summer 1847

    Ellen Brown

    Cascade / MAR 2011

    Master Kierkegaard is a diary kept by a fictional servant in the house of Soren Kierkegaard. The strong-willed but faithful Magda, a well-educated and "fallen" woman from Berlin, considers herself... read more »
  5. George MacDonald's Children's Fantasies and the Divine Imagination

    Colin Manlove

    Cascade / AUG 2019

    The great Victorian Christian author George MacDonald is the wellspring of the modern fantasy genre. In this book Colin Manlove offers explorations of MacDonald's eight shorter fairy tales and... read more »
  6. Faith and Madness

    Sarah Slagle Arnold

    Cascade / AUG 2012

    Nobody loves a father like his daughter. That truth comes through powerfully in this memoir. Sarah was enchanted by her father; she loved him with all her young heart. But when she turned five, her... read more »

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