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  1. Writing That Makes Sense, 2nd Edition

    David S. Hogsette

    Resource / NOV 2019

    The second edition of Writing That Makes Sense takes students through the fundamentals of the writing process and explores the basic steps of critical thinking. Drawing upon over twenty... read more »
  2. Why Hermeneutics?

    Anthony C. Thiselton

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    In this little volume, Anthony Thiselton makes an impassioned appeal for closer attention to the philosophy of hermeneutics. Emilio Betti provocatively observes that hermeneutics ought to... read more »
  3. Wandering, Not Lost

    Barry L. Casey

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2019

    A spiritual journey may take many forms, from Dante’s descent to the pits of Hell and up the other side to the bliss of Paradise, to Pilgrim’s progress (or even to Billy Pilgrim,... read more »
  4. Vox Petri

    Gene L. Green

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    Peter stands at the beginning of Christian theology. Christianity’s central confessions regarding the person of Jesus, the cross, salvation, the inclusive nature of the people of God, and the... read more »
  5. Urban Church Planting

    Stephen M. Davis

    Resource / NOV 2019

    For the last couple decades, urban church planting has been all the rage. This has been a blessing for the city. This has also been a curse for many who sensed a call, saw a need, and left for a... read more »
  6. Unleashing the Work of God

    W. Joseph Stallings

    Wipf and Stock / NOV 2019

    Are we Methodists ready for the work of God to be unleashed? Are we ready for Methodism to be the catalyst of yet another New Pentecost? God has decisively acted in Christ, and Christ says,... read more »
  7. The Spirit and the Salvation of the Urban Poor

    Brandon Kertson

    Pickwick / NOV 2019

    Poverty. What is it good for? Absolutely nothing. Still, poverty is an ever-present reality, even in so-called first world nations like the United States. If the Holy Spirit is the member of the... read more »
  8. The Pelagian Controversy

    Stuart Squires

    Pickwick / OCT 2019

    The Pelagian Controversy (411–431) was one of the most important theological controversies in the history of Christianity. It was a bitter and messy affair in the evening of the Roman Empire... read more »
  9. The Layman's Manual on Christian Apologetics

    Brian G. Chilton

    Resource / NOV 2019

    Modern Christians have been bombarded by objections launched against the Christian faith from popular secular authors, bloggers, and stars from the entertainment industry. The church is quickly... read more »
  10. The Gospel According to Paul

    Graham H. Twelftree

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    Paul’s gospel is misunderstood. Paul’s gospel is seen as his message, perhaps an empowered message; he saw it differently. His gospel can be many things: tradition about Jesus, Jesus... read more »

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