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  1. Walking Wisely

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / JAN 2013

    The Apostle Paul leaves no stone, teaching, or truth untouched as he continues developing a pathway for each of us built upon the foundation of the Triune God. He has carefully and prayer-fully... read more »
  2. Walking as Mature Christians

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / MAR 2012

    The Apostle Paul realized that he was an infant in the faith after his encounter with the Lord Jesus on the road to Damascus. He experienced what was required to become a member of Christ's body... read more »
  3. The Triune God Speaks to the Saints

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / JUL 2011

    The Triune God speaks to the saints and in so doing proclaims God's will and the spiritual blessings available from Him, His Son, and the Holy Spirit. It starts with doctrine, God's call, Christ's... read more »
  4. Sin and Redemption

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / SEP 2011

    The genius of Paul is evident in chapter 2 of his Letter to the Ephesians. However, more importantly, two truths are revealed through a closer examination of his presentation. First is the... read more »
  5. Satan and God's Armor

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / MAY 2013

    The Apostle Paul leaves no stone unturned as he encourages, enlightens, and informs the Ephesian believers (and us) regarding their duties and responsibilities as Christ's followers. Yes, there are... read more »
  6. Quilly Hall

    Benjamin W. Farley

    Resource / MAR 2008

    Quilly Hall weds fiction and history in this powerful story, set in the 1940s in the Holston Valley near the town of Abingdon, Virginia. Daniel Boone twice camped here. The town itself... read more »
  7. Montesereno

    Benjamin W. Farley

    Resource / SEP 2018

    Little could Darby Peterson have anticipated the intensity of the challenge his friend Garnett Nelson’s invitation would command. Due to a medical condition that requires Nelson’s... read more »
  8. Following Christ

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / JUN 2012

    The latter half of Chapter 4 of Paul's letter to the Ephesians is the watershed of this magnificent document that is often referred to as the "holy of holies." Paul was never hesitant to declare... read more »
  9. Christ's Prisoner

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / NOV 2011

    Paul proclaimed he was in prison because he was Christ's prisoner. Why? Because he proclaimed the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ uncompromisingly without fear of retribution. He served the living... read more »
  10. Christ's Ambassadors

    Robert B. Callahan, Sr.

    Resource / NOV 2013

    The Apostle Paul, in exercising his ineffable wisdom, draws this magnificent letter to a close in an extraordinary manner. Certainly, he could have concluded it after telling the masters and... read more »

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