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  1. Someone's Praying, Lord

    Arthur A. Rouner, Jr.

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2016

    Someone's Praying, Lord is a book of prayers written specifically for situations of daily life--prayers for the high times and the lows, prayers for times of happiness and sadness, prayers... read more »
  2. Spiritual Leadership

    David Spencer Huffstutler

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2016

    How should we see the Spirit at work in spiritual leaders today? How did the Spirit work through spiritual leaders in the Bible? While many books on spiritual leadership look at the culture around... read more »
  3. Studies in Jacob Bohme

    A. J. Penny

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2016

  4. Surprised by Love

    Robert Joseph Miller

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2016

    Surprised by Love captures the wonder and power of the Scriptures for anyone with a spiritual longing for God and a love for the written word. Miller brings new insights and fresh meanings... read more »
  5. Take This Cup

    Charles Erlandson

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2020

    Suffering is one of the few universals in life and something with which everyone who is reading this has struggled. I have written this book that you might believe that your suffering has a meaning... read more »
  6. Tell It Often - Tell It Well

    Mark McCloskey

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2018

    Jesus Christ offers His love and forgiveness to a lost and hurting world. This is the most important message your family, friends, and neighbors will ever hear. If the church is to succeed in its... read more »
  7. The Corinthian Correspondence

    Helen Doohan

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2016

    The Corinthian correspondence and the community it reflects are exciting and exasperating, interesting and complex. The letters offer us a window of opportunity to view Paul's personal and pastoral... read more »
  8. The Future Life

    Rene Pache

    Wipf and Stock / MAR 2018


    by René Pache

    If we are to live forever in another world, it would be insane to neglect the revelations and the warnings of the... read more »
  9. The Meaning of Sin

    Frederic Greeves

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2017

    “Is an argument about words ever merely an argument about words? In a time when that question is a matter of keen debate it may appear foolhardy to claim that a discussion of the meaning of... read more »
  10. The Prayer of Jesus

    Kent Gramm

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2015

    This unique phrase-by-phrase exposition reads the Lord's Prayer as Jesus' description of God. Our heavenly Father is the perfect parent beyond our dreams who loves, provides, forgives, and... read more »

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