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  1. Vox Petri

    Gene L. Green

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    Peter stands at the beginning of Christian theology. Christianity’s central confessions regarding the person of Jesus, the cross, salvation, the inclusive nature of the people of God, and the... read more »
  2. Theology of Wagner's Ring Cycle I

    Richard H. Bell

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    Wagner’s Ring is one of the greatest of all artworks of Western civilization, but what is it all about? The power and mystery of Wagner’s creation was such that he himself felt... read more »
  3. Theology of The Womb

    Christy Angelle Bauman

    Cascade / DEC 2019

    If it is true that God is a male, then His Divinity or Deity is expressed in His masculinity. Yet I am a woman, and there are parts of my body; such as my breasts, my vagina, and my womb that are... read more »
  4. The Soul Is a Stranger in This World

    Micah Mattix

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    The Soul Is a Stranger in This World is a timely examination of some of the best modern and contemporary poets and a trenchant defense of poetry as a narrative, musical, and theological art.... read more »
  5. The Generations of Heaven and Earth

    Jon Garvey

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    New science has surprised many by showing, contrary to received wisdom, that a real Adam and Eve could have lived amongst other humans in historical times and yet be the ancestors of every... read more »
  6. Sources of Holocaust Insight

    John K. Roth

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    Sources of Holocaust Insight maps the odyssey of an American Christian philosopher who has studied, written, and taught about the Holocaust for more than fifty years. What findings result... read more »
  7. Habakkuk before Breakfast

    Brian J. Walsh, Wine Before Breakfast Community

    Cascade / JAN 2020

  8. Faith Seeking Conviviality

    Samuel E. Ewell, III

    Cascade / DEC 2019

    Faith Seeking Conviviality traces the journey of a U.S. missionary into Brazil (and beyond), seeking to be faithfully present while also questioning the default settings of “good... read more »
  9. Discover the Holy Land

    Max Miller

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    This travel guide focuses on places that Holy Land tour groups typically visit and gives major attention to connections between the Bible and the land. The Holy Land is understood to overlap both... read more »
  10. Demons and Spirits in Biblical Theology

    John H. Walton, J. Harvey Walton

    Cascade / MAY 2019

    Some people believe that a battle of cosmic proportions is raging as Satan and his demons seek to destroy Christians and undermine God’s plans. Others believe that all talk of demons in the... read more »

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