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  1. The Integrity of the Body of Christ

    Arden Mahlberg, Craig L. Nessan

    Cascade / MAY 2016

    For religious communities to have integrity and credibility they must flourish as places of love and respect. Every aspect of church life is defined and protected by essential boundaries:... read more »
  2. Sustainable Abundance for All

    Ted Nunez

    Cascade / JAN 2018

    What constitutes the good life and authentic Christian leadership in a high-speed technological society geared to perpetual economic growth? In a world of rapid change and heightened risks, how do... read more »
  3. Sources of Holocaust Insight

    John K. Roth

    Cascade / JAN 2020

    Sources of Holocaust Insight maps the odyssey of an American Christian philosopher who has studied, written, and taught about the Holocaust for more than fifty years. What findings result... read more »
  4. Respectful LGBT Conversations

    Harold Heie

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    In stark contrast to the shrill and nasty interactions among many Christians regarding contentious LGBT issues, this book models a redemptive mode of engagement by featuring respectful... read more »
  5. Rage to Redemption in the Sterilization Age

    John Railey

    Cascade / FEB 2015

    Nial Cox Ramirez, rendered barren in 1965 by one of America's most aggressive sterilization programs, made nationwide news in the 1970s as she fought for redress. Her landmark case fizzled in the... read more »
  6. Plundering Egypt

    G. P. Wagenfuhr

    Cascade / MAR 2016

    Christian engagement with economics tends to baptize preexisting sociopolitical perspectives, thereby assuming a predetermined metaphysical narrative. What happens when the story of the development... read more »
  7. No Mercy, No Justice

    Brooks Harrington

    Cascade / JAN 2019

    How can we be just and merciful? Are justice and mercy in conflict? Or are they aspects of the same truth?

    Christians in America are presented with two conflicting versions of... read more »
  8. Middle-earth and the Return of the Common Good

    Joshua Hren

    Cascade / OCT 2018

    Political philosophy is nothing other than looking at things political under the aspect of eternity. This book invites us to look philosophically at political things in J.R.R. Tolkien’s... read more »
  9. Honoring God with Body and Mind

    Steven D. Hoogerwerf

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    Have you ever wondered how it would look to live out a Christian sexual ethic amid the varied and confusing sexual messages that are part of modern culture? Does the Christian tradition... read more »
  10. Fragile World

    William T. Cavanaugh

    Cascade / MAY 2018

    In Fragile World: Ecology and the Church, scholars and activists from Christian communities as far-flung as Honduras, the Philippines, Colombia, and Kenya present a global angle on the... read more »

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