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  1. Worship, Mission, and the Church Year

    Nicholas W. Monsma

    Cascade / FEB 2019

    How many ways can your church’s worship equip the congregation for its mission? Worship changes through the seasons, from Christmas, through Lent and Easter, and beyond. The way worship... read more »
  2. Words Unspoken

    Peter Schmiechen

    Cascade / JUL 2012

    This is a chance to explore the meaning of Christian faith for those in and outside of churches: adults who left the church in their youth, the many religious refugees pushed out by churches, as... read more »
  3. With Paul at Sea

    Linford Stutzman

    Cascade / APR 2012

    What Jesus began on and around the Sea of Galilee, Paul continued on and around the Mediterranean Sea. With Acts as the stage, the biblical narrative shifts from land to sea. Paul is the central... read more »
  4. Will Campbell, Preacher Man

    Kyle Childress, Rodney Wallace Kennedy

    Cascade / AUG 2016

    This collection of essays and sermons by Rodney Kennedy and Kyle Childress is focused on honoring the memory of Will Campbell--the prophet from the South who made a vocation of destroying sacred... read more »
  5. Why Hermeneutics?

    Anthony C. Thiselton

    Cascade / NOV 2019

    In this little volume, Anthony Thiselton makes an impassioned appeal for closer attention to the philosophy of hermeneutics. Emilio Betti provocatively observes that hermeneutics ought to... read more »
  6. Why Have You Forsaken Me?

    John E. Colwell

    Cascade / APR 2012

    "Why have you forsaken me?"

    In this powerful book on the experience of desolation John Colwell focuses on Psalm 22, read in the light of his own struggle with bi-polar disorder and the... read more »
  7. Why Faith Is a Virtue

    Philip D. Smith

    Cascade / MAR 2014

    What is faith? In what ways might faith be a virtue, a component of a life well lived? How might faith be corrupted and become a vice?

    In Why Faith Is a Virtue, Philip D. Smith... read more »
  8. Who's Afraid of Modern Art?

    Daniel A. Siedell

    Cascade / JAN 2015

    Modern art can be confusing and intimidating--even ugly and blasphemous. And yet curator and art critic Daniel A. Siedell finds something else, something much deeper that resonates with the human... read more »
  9. Who Do You Say That I Am?

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / SEP 2014

    No question is more central to Christian living, preaching, and theology than Jesus' question to his disciples: Who do you say that I am? Some would have it that pastors and theologians, biblical... read more »
  10. Where Do Broken Hearts Go?

    W. Ross Hastings

    Cascade / JUN 2016

    Grounded in the narrative of the loss of his own wife, Ross Hastings seeks to provide insight into the universal human condition of loss and grief . . . and speaks comfort. All kinds of losses... read more »

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