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  1. When the Roll is Called

    Marie T. Hoffman

    Cascade / OCT 2016

    For more than one hundred years, North American Christians have been choosing one of two stories about the gospel of Jesus Christ. One story, often referred to as the "true gospel," holds forth a... read more »
  2. When God Laughs with Us

    David L. McKenna

    Cascade / JAN 2011

    Lighten up!

    Most of us take ourselves too seriously. Christian leaders, in particular, are tempted by the position they hold, or the power they wield, to lose touch with their humanity,... read more »
  3. What Makes Us Moral?

    Craig Hovey

    Cascade / OCT 2012

    Is science all we need to make us moral?

    In his recent book, The Moral Landscape, Sam Harris presents his vision of a world in which reason and science alone determine our values. Here, a... read more »
  4. What Kind of God?

    Bret Wells

    Cascade / APR 2018

    How does a missional mindset or perspective impact the way we read Scripture?

    How does the Bible speak to and through a missional disciple?

    And seriously, what kind of God is... read more »
  5. What in God's Name Are You Eating?

    Andrew Francis

    Cascade / JUL 2014

    How you eat affects the planet--and everyone else on it. What you eat might literally cost the earth. But it has implications for your health, the grower or producer, and the way you think about... read more »
  6. What Does It Mean to "Do This"?

    Michael Root, James J. Buckley

    Cascade / NOV 2014

    Jesus' best-known mandate--after perhaps the mandate to love God and neighbor--was given at the Last Supper just before his death: "Do this in memory of me." Indeed, a case can be made that to "do... read more »
  7. What Christianity Is Not

    Douglas John Hall

    Cascade / FEB 2013

    What really is Christianity? If all the religious packaging in which it is wrapped were removed, what would remain? These were Bonhoeffer's questions, and they must be ours today--even more... read more »
  8. Welcome as a Way of Life

    Benjamin S. Wall

    Cascade / JUL 2016

    This book is about the theology of Jean Vanier. Drawing from Vanier's writings, it situates Vanier's theological thinking on community, care, and what it means to be and become human in the context... read more »
  9. We Say NO!

    H. R. L. Sheppard, Kerry Walters

    Cascade / SEP 2013

    In 1934, Anglican priest H. R. L ("Dick") Sheppard challenged young men in England to pledge to "say NO!" to participation in future wars. The response to his call was so overwhelmingly... read more »
  10. Victorian Nonconformity

    David W. Bebbington

    Cascade / APR 2011

    The Nonconformists of England and Wales, the Protestants outside the Church of England, were particularly numerous in the Victorian years. From being a small minority in the eighteenth century,... read more »

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