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  1. Power Made Perfect?

    / MAR 2016

    How would politics be different if Christians acknowledged Jesus Christ as the archetype of all rulers, democratic and nondemocratic? How would our practice of politics change if we recognized the... read more »
  2. Political Illusion and Reality

    / SEP 2018

    Are all governments—east and west, Muslim and secular, authoritarian and constitutional, Republican and Democratic—fundamentally the same, all of them under the extraordinary, growing... read more »
  3. Peace, Order & Good Government


    “This booklet expands upon Regehr’s lectures in which he argues that demographic and political shifts in how Mennonites engage the Canadian federalist democracy leave today’s... read more »
  4. Fighting Words

    / JUN 2005

    In Fighting Words, an interesting and provocative picture of George W. Bush emerges, very
    different from the one often presented in the press. Drawing on extensive research, the... read more »
  5. Ecumenical & Interreligious Perspectives

    / SEP 2018

    Ecumenical & Interreligious Perspectives: Globalization in Theological Education is a collection of articles on the wide-ranging effects of ecumenism on theological education. Fifteen... read more »
  6. Christians, Politics and Violent Revolution

    / APR 2017

    This book is an impressive attempt by a distinguished British theologian to grapple with problems put to him by friends from the Third World and particularly the question: "If there seems no way to... read more »
  7. Called to Freedom

    / JAN 2017

    Conservatism, Republican politics, and traditional Christianity are thought by some to go together like baseball and apple pie. Yet, for a growing number of people, libertarian political thought... read more »
  8. A Whole Which Is Greater

    / DEC 2012

    In November 2010, Republican Scott Walker was elected Governor of Wisconsin. In something of a Tea Party sweep, the iconic Russ Feingold lost his seat in the U.S. Senate and the Wisconsin... read more »

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