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  1. Wise

    Matt Brain

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2019

    Even the best college cannot prepare their students for the full range of challenges a pastor is called upon to navigate in the course of their ministry. As we experience more of what it means to... read more »
  2. Wisdom's Daughters

    Elizabeth G. Watson

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2009

    From the nativity to the resurrection, from the healings on the road to the teachings at the well, the lives of women shine prominently in the Gospel. In Wisdom's Daughters, Elizabeth Watson tells... read more »
  3. Wisdom in Theology

    Ronald Ernest Clements

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2006

    In this book respected Old Testament scholar Ronald Clements explores and elucidates a much-debated subject--the place and significance of the Old Testament wisdom writings in Jewish and Christian... read more »
  4. Wisdom in Proverbs

    R. N. Whybray

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2009

  5. Wisdom From Africa

    Ronald D. Burris

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2016

    This book offers an in-depth analysis and theological reflection on the thirteen books of Augustine's Confessions. It seeks to cover the major points raised by Augustine in his... read more »
  6. Wisdom and Folly in Religion

    Joseph Haroutunian

    Wipf and Stock / SEP 2013

    Wisdom and Folly in Religion i"s addressed to all who have been unable to escape the tragic sense of life, to all who contemplate with fear and pity the lot of suffering, sinful man on the... read more »
  7. Wine and Bread

    Photina Rech, OSB

    Wipf and Stock / AUG 2012

    Sister Photina Rech is a mystagogue for our times. With passion and great learning she unfolds for us the mystery we celebrate. She delights in exploring what cannot be explained, in raising up the... read more »
  8. Windows to the World: Literature in Christian Perspective

    Leland Ryken

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2000

  9. Windows on the Cross

    Tom Smail

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2004

    Society today shows signs of disintegration. Institutions such as the monarchy, parliament, and the Church itself have come under intense scrutiny and deeply disturbing weaknesses have been... read more »
  10. Wind in the Rigging

    Randal Earl Denny

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2007

    Randal Denny began a devotional study in the Book of Acts with 'Do It Again, Lord (Acts 1-4)' and 'Where the Action Is (Acts 5-8)' and continued it with this volume.

    Acts 9-12 is about... read more »

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