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  1. Women Caught in the Conflict

    Rebecca M. Groothuis

    Wipf and Stock / JUL 1997

    The goal of this book is not to analyze the competing viewpoints , "women's equality" versus "traditional family values" , in any depth, but simply to step outside the familiar rhetoric in an... read more »
  2. Women and Interreligious Dialogue

    Catherine Cornille, Jillian Maxey

    Cascade / SEP 2013

    Though women have been objects more often than subjects of interreligious dialogue, they have nevertheless contributed in significant ways to the dialogue, just as the dialogue has also contributed... read more »
  3. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

    Karl Barth

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2003

  4. Wittgenstein, Grammar, and God

    Alan Keightley

    Wipf and Stock / JAN 2015

    Wittgenstein, Grammar, and God attempts to clarify the nature of what has come to be called the Wittgenstenian approach to religious belief, and to demonstrate the radicality of its... read more »
  5. Witnessing to Christ in a Pluralistic World

    Lalsangkima Pachuau, Knud Jorgensen

    Wipf and Stock / DEC 2011

    The relationship of Christian faith and mission to other living faiths is a core issue in contemporary mission. In a world where plurality of faiths is increasingly becoming a norm of life,... read more »
  6. Witness To The World

    David J. Bosch

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2006

    A great deal of uncertainty exists in the church as to what mission really is.

    The shifts in political power, away from the traditionally Christian West; the call for a moratorium and the... read more »
  7. Witness to Life Worth Living

    Aleksandar S. Santrac

    Wipf and Stock / MAY 2016

    This book is an exposition of the basic themes of the work of Miroslav Volf, the Yale ecumenical theologian who has written much about the ethics of embrace, life worth living and human... read more »
  8. Witness Is Presence

    Miika Tolonen

    Resource / JAN 2014

    In a postsecular cultural situation the conditions for understanding and communicating a Christian tradition have changed. None of the established religions can any longer claim monopoly in the... read more »
  9. Without Spot or Wrinkle

    Karl Koop, Mary H. Schertz

    Wipf and Stock / JUN 2015

    On February 5, 2000, the Institute of Mennonite Studies held a conference at Associated Mennonite Biblical Seminary entitled "Without Spot or Wrinkle: Reflecting Theologically on the Nature of the... read more »
  10. Without Precedent

    Geoffrey Kirk

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2016

    Though the ordination of women has been hotly debated in a number of churches (and in particular in the world-wide Anglican Communion) there has been a strange silence on the subject from academic... read more »

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