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  1. The Ways of Wisdom

    Anthony Mansueto

    Pickwick / MAR 2016

    The Ways of Wisdom answers the demand for a new kind of theology appropriate for a postsecular, global civilization, showing how to engage questions of meaning and value across as well as... read more »
  2. The Ultimate Meaningfulness of the Universe: Knowing God, Volume 2

    Anthony Mansueto

    Pickwick / SEP 2012

    Is the universe ultimately meaningful, ordered to an end of transcendental value? Or is it merely the product of random interactions in which organization emerges only locally and by chance and is... read more »
  3. The Journey of the Dialectic: Knowing God, Volume 3

    Anthony Mansueto

    Pickwick / APR 2010

    No discipline has been more uniformly derided for a longer period than metaphysics. Of the ancient and medieval sciences now in disrepute, even astrology and alchemy get better press. The most... read more »
  4. The Death of Secular Messianism

    Anthony Mansueto

    Cascade / AUG 2010

    The Death of Secular Messianism argues that, the claims of secularists notwithstanding, modernity did not so much abandon humanity's historic search for the divine, but rather transposed it... read more »
  5. Doing Justice: Knowing God, Volume 4

    Anthony Mansueto

    Pickwick / MAR 2011

    Doing Justice: Knowing God represents a fundamentally new departure in ethical theory. Drawing on the work of Alasdair MacIntyre, John Milbank, and Franklin Gamwell, it argues that that... read more »

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