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  1. Freedom and Civilization Among the Greeks

    A. J. Festugiere, Dikran Hadidian

    Pickwick / JAN 1987

  2. Latina/o y Musulman

    Hjamil A. Martinez-Vazquez

    Pickwick / JAN 2010

    Latinas/os are the fastest growing "minoritized" ethnic group in the United States and Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the United States. It is therefore no surprise that the... read more »
  3. Lincoln's Political Ambitions, Slavery, and the Bible

    Edwin D. Freed

    Pickwick / JUL 2012

    Abraham Lincoln did not take his family Bible to the White House. And the reason he did not use the Bible in his first inaugural address was not because it failed to arrive in his baggage. Freed... read more »
  4. Roman Numerals

    Ben Witherington, III, Ann Witherington

    Pickwick / JUN 2009

    In this second novel of the series, Art West seeks out the meaning of the mysterious symbolic number 666 while exploring sites in Egypt and Turkey. He discovers an inscription in southern Egypt at... read more »
  5. Spirituality and Growth on the Leadership Path

    Deborah J. Haynes

    Pickwick / NOV 2012

    Spirituality and Growth on the Leadership Path: An Abecedary offers lessons not usually taught about leadership, lessons learned over the author's more than thirty years in higher education... read more »
  6. The Joy of Teaching

    Harry Hazel

    Pickwick / JAN 2010

    Over the centuries, multitudes of women and men have gone into teaching as their chosen profession. Most successful instructors find joy in teaching and are glad to share that joy with others.... read more »
  7. The Lazarus Effect

    Ben Witherington, III, Ann Witherington

    Pickwick / SEP 2008

    Archaeologist Art West makes the discovery of a lifetime in Jerusalem finding the tombstone of Lazarus, which indicates that Jesus raised him from the dead. But before he can make public his... read more »
  8. Work Useful to Religion and the Humanities

    Laura Ammon

    Pickwick / OCT 2012

    In many ways, the method of comparison in the study of religion is connected to European expansion and empire building. This work explores the early modern origins of the comparative method for the... read more »

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