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  1. You Made Me

    Erin Minta Maxfield-Steele

    Resource / JAN 2020

    Many children wonder about the beginning of their lives, about where they come from and who they are. You Made Me speaks to these questions through contemplative practice, inspired by... read more »
  2. The Relation Equation

    Stephen Rosenberger

    Resource / NOV 2014

    The Relation Equation is designed to expose both the subversively held and overtly understood nuances of relationships in order to view them through the lens of a commonly accepted formula... read more »
  3. The Book of Judith

    Wendi Bernau

    Resource / JAN 2020

    The Book of Judith is an epic tale of faith and strength in the face of certain doom. Drawing upon deceit and trickery as an act of service, this unlikely hero saves her people from... read more »
  4. The Bluebonnet Child

    Meggie Lee Calvin

    Resource / AUG 2017

    The bluebonnet flower grows in very poor soil. One would never guess this truth but the bright, proud bonnets tell no lies. Not even the unkempt soil can keep a Bluebonnet from producing its lovely... read more »
  5. Template for Leadership

    William Chauke

    Resource / JUL 2020

    This book draws from the examples of God, that of Jesus Christ and of others like Joseph, Moses, Joshua, and Paul, who had been called into leadership, as recorded in the Bible, in order to show... read more »
  6. Teaching to Justice, Citizenship, and Civic Virtue

    Julia K. Stronks, Gloria Goris Stronks

    Resource / SEP 2014

    In Teaching to Justice, Citizenship, and Civic Virtue, a group of teachers considers how students learn and what students need in order to figure out what God is requiring of them. The... read more »
  7. Teaching Tenets of Faith in Worship

    James Akerson

    Resource / APR 2019

    Western culture no longer has a broad Christian understanding. In fact, much of what American media dishes out is pantheistic or anti-religious. Sociological research indicates that a multitude of... read more »
  8. Stones and Stories

    Judith E. Anderson

    Resource / MAR 2019

    Human beings are interpreters.

    •When, what, and how do we interpret?

    •Which is more reliable: literal information or symbolic expression?

    •What... read more »
  9. Proper Form, Pure and Simple

    Horace (Skip) Robinson

    Resource / JAN 2012

    Here's a guide for English grammar that reads as easily as a story. It is a fresh, simple approach to the basic fundamentals of proper English form. The author, an experienced, accomplished... read more »
  10. Our God Wears Denim Overalls

    Glenn Goree

    Resource / DEC 2017

    What career would Jesus follow if he came to the earth today? I believe he would be a farmer, working sixteen-hour days, dressed in denim overalls. As he did in Judea, he would possess human... read more »

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