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  1. You Teach Me Light

    Melaney Poli

    Resource / MAY 2018

    These poems are not muscular, literary, or award-winning. Instead they are slightly dangerous, filled with banana peels, sharp objects, reflex hammers, and various items you could not send through... read more »
  2. Yet I Will Joy

    Valerie P. Graham

    Resource / AUG 2019

    “Dreams are thoughts within my mind

    Of things that might now be.

    But hope is written in God’s Word

    Of what shall surely be.”

    read more »
  3. Words are All I Have

    Alexandra Sisam

    Resource / AUG 2019

    Words are All I Have is a compilation of feelings put into words; a way to express the intensity of the human experience and emotions. It is about what it means to be human. Drawing from the... read more »
  4. Word Songs and Whimsies

    Raymond H. Haan

    Resource / MAY 2020

    Reading Word Songs and Whimsies is like taking a ride on a magical tandem bicycle: the author pedals and steers, and the reader travels behind, viewing the sights selected by the author.... read more »
  5. Winnower

    Aaron Brown

    Resource / DEC 2013

    A collection that alternates between celebration and lament, Winnower traces the experiences of an American poet growing up in war-torn Chad, Africa.
  6. Wilderness

    Anna K. Ivey

    Resource / APR 2019

    Wilderness is a collection of poems chronicling a family’s transition from conflict into peace. The structure is free-verse poetry. Written in various points of view, the work uses... read more »
  7. Wild Everything

    Jennifer Strube

    Resource / JUL 2019

    When we encounter the wild, our souls wake up. Something deep inside us stirs. We come alive.

    As we age, we forget this enchantment. We forget who our childhood selves knew we... read more »
  8. Why Should a Child Be Born?

    S T Kimbrough, Jr.

    Resource / JAN 2018

    The Jewish/Palestinian conflict in the Middle East goes on and on without resolution, and in the course of the tactics of delay thousands of people have suffered and died. Those who have suffered... read more »
  9. White Rose, Red Rose

    Johnny Baranski, David H. Rosen

    Resource / JAN 2018

    White Rose, Red Rose symbols of nonviolent resistance, freedom, and love. With these forty short poems Johnny Baranski and David Rosen arrange a bouquet of hope. While our world is under threat of... read more »
  10. Weeds and Seedlings

    Ursula M. Anderson, MD

    Resource / FEB 2011

    The texture of Dr. Anderson's poetry weaves its song to the universe through her love of nature and keen observations of the human scene, powerful gifts, and a vision so complete the reader is... read more »

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