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  1. 95 Theses for a New Reformation

    Aaron Hebbard

    Resource / OCT 2017

    Five hundred years ago Martin Luther wrote his Ninety-Five Theses, inaugurating the Protestant Reformation, and with it exemplified an unflinching devotion to return to the Word of God as the... read more »
  2. A Modern Ninety-Five

    Nancy A. Almodovar

    Resource / JUN 2008

    In 1517 an Augustinian monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed ninety-five statements to the door at Castle Church in Wittenberg, Germany. This was not a means of open debate but a desire to... read more »
  3. A Timeline of Global Christianity

    Brett Knowles

    Resource / JUN 2020

    This timeline comprises one thousand significant dates for global Christianity. It includes events across all inhabited continents (and also in Antarctica and outer space), emphasizing those... read more »
  4. All Things in Common

    Roman A. Montero

    Resource / APR 2017

    All Things in Common gets behind the "communism of the apostles" passages in Acts 2:42-47 and 4:32-37, using the anthropological categories of "social relationship" espoused by David Graeber... read more »
  5. Apostolic Succession

    David W. T. Brattston

    Resource / APR 2020

    This book is the first in generations to examine writers in the early church in order to ascertain the original Christian intent as to how early Christian clergy were chosen, their powers and... read more »
  6. Augustine's Problem

    Jeff Nicoll

    Resource / JUN 2016

    Augustine's Problem provides a new approach to St. Augustine's life and doctrine, hypothesizing that his problem was not sexual addiction but sexual impotence. For Augustine, the problem... read more »
  7. Caps Off . . .

    Zenon Rozanski

    Resource / DEC 2012

    Throughout the entire world, Auschwitz has become known as the Concentration Camp (KZ) in which the bureaucratic, alarmingly and perfectly organized mass exterminations of human beings found its... read more »
  8. Christian Missions in East Bengal

    S. M. Tanveer Ahmed

    Resource / FEB 2018

    As the first Bengalee Archbishop of South Asia, Theotonius Amal Ganguly, CSC, made a remarkable contribution in the expansion of Christian missionary activity in Bengal through all the three... read more »
  9. Covenant Works

    T. Hoogsteen

    Resource / OCT 2015

    In the development of Covenant Works I follow neither the way of the seventeenth-century Federal Theology, nor the way of nineteenth-century Critical Theology, nor the way of... read more »
  10. Crossed Lives--Crossed Purposes

    Ray Blunt

    Resource / APR 2012

    Thomas Jefferson and William Wilberforce were born at a time of great, dangerous challenges where unprecedented revolutions in thought, governments, worldview and culture swept in. Their lives,... read more »

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