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  1. Word-Order Variation in Biblical Hebrew Poetry

    Nicholas P. Lunn

    Wipf and Stock / OCT 2006

    This study tackles the neglected subject of word order in biblical Hebrew poetry. The fact that the order of clause constituents frequently differs from that found in prose has often been noted,... read more »
  2. Women, Leadership, and the Bible

    Natalie R. Wilson Eastman

    Cascade / MAY 2014

    What do you believe about women's roles in church leadership? Should women lead groups that include men? Should women preach? Should women be ordained?

    More importantly, why do you believe... read more »
  3. Women's Rights and the Bible

    Richard H. Hiers

    Pickwick / MAY 2012

    In this volume, Richard Hiers challenges the popular assumption that the Bible has a low view of women and that biblical law either ignores women or requires them to be subject and subservient to... read more »
  4. Women in the New Testament

    Bonnie Bowman Thurston

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2004

    Bonnie Thurston examines the personalities, place, and power of women in the New Testament. She provides a cultural and religious context for them by briefly outlining the position of women in the... read more »
  5. Women in the Church's Ministry

    R. T. France

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2004

    The ordination of women has been one of the most pressing and passionately debated issues within the church in recent years. In this volume, based on the prestigious 1995 Didsbury Lectures, R. T.... read more »
  6. Women in the Bible

    Barbara J. Essex

    Wipf and Stock / APR 2010

    Deciphering women's stories in the Bible can be frustrating and lead to dead ends. So many women appear once and then disappear. Most are not even given a name. Women in the Bible uncovers... read more »
  7. Women in Ministry

    James B. De Young

    Wipf and Stock / FEB 2010

    The role of women in the church is an ongoing concern among Christians, both in the West and in the developing world. The discussion usually falls into the broad views of complementary and... read more »
  8. Women in Ministry

    Shannon Smythe

    Cascade / APR 2015

    Does Scripture exclude women from full participation in all forms of Christian ministry simply on the basis of gender? What insights can the church’s “rule of faith,” theology,... read more »
  9. Women Belong in Leadership

    Kay Ramnarine

    Resource / SEP 2007

    The debate rages! Do women belong in vocational pulpit leadership? What does the Bible say? Three things distinguish this book's argument. First, the author's passion; pages sizzle, thanks to... read more »
  10. Women and Worship at Corinth

    Lucy Peppiatt

    Cascade / MAR 2015

    Making sense of Paul's arguments in 1 Corinthians 11-14 regarding both the role of women in public worship and the value of tongues and prophecy for the unbeliever has long posed challenges for any... read more »

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